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One Hell of a Night

Damn, that baby is Gangsta!

Damn, that baby is Gangsta!


A few months ago when I saw the preview for “The Hangover,” I thought it was another Apatow wannabe. 4 man-children in Vegas. Ready. Aim. Dick-jokes. But seeing more and more previews eventually swayed me, and I started seeing what the movie was doing. Tiger in the bathroom, finding a baby, Mike Tyson, Ed Helms without a tooth, missing groom…Hmm… they could be on to something.

They are. The movie is kindof a return to form for comedies in that it is written, it is plotted, and very well, both. I love the Apatow movies and “Superbad” and the like, but you can feel when movies rely too much on improv (“I Love You, Man” I’m looking at you, you were only okay) or when they’re probably going to be 80% concept and 4% funny (“Land of the Lost” get outta my face). Here, every scene adds something, and the movie clips right along. And good lord is it funny! I mean, FUNNY!!! The movie is essentially a series of comic setups for the 3 main characters as they look for their friend and try to remember last night, and they play off of each other really well. It’s funny and natural and the movie gives itself the advantage of building its scenes around a collective confusion. That need to find Doug drives everything, and because we don’t know anything more than the characters, we get to figure things out as they do. And since no one can remember last night, every new plot point is a bigger laugh, as we see just how ridiculous and crazy the night was.

Go see this movie. Check out how Bradley Cooper is a kickass leading guy, how Zack Galifianakis plays the dullard better than anyone and how Ed Helms followed the Steve Carrell path into movies and avoided a disaster like “License to Wed.” Helms is probably the most believable character in the movie and his character’s arc with his girlfriend is really very satisfying. It’s rare for a movie to be this overtly unsentimental about its characters and still manage to make us really care about them.

You seriously have no idea how funny this movie is. You have no idea how much you’re going to love it. Go see it with a bunch of people and laugh your ass off. You’ll feel better.  I know I do.


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