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A Monday in October in Kansas City

My night: 

After work, I went to the grocery store, with a great episode of NPR’s “This American Life” talking through my iPod. Ira Glass’ squeaky/ geeky/ addictive voice explained it all while I picked up some cereal, milk, tomato-basil tortillas (perfect for wraps of all shapes and styles), and an enormous amount of pasta. I Love pasta. It’s one of my favorite things to eat, and absolutely my favorite thing to make. It’s easy. Boil water, thaw meat, add pasta, cook meat, stir occasionally (pasta, not meat), drain, add sauce, combine, prepare salad and toast or rolls or bread (if desired). It feels good to make food. Plus, it gave me an excuse to rewatch “Casino Royale” during the prep and with dinner. I hadn’t seen it since theaters, and I wanted to revisit it before its sequel “Quantum of Solace” comes out in November. (Please see the poll question)

I actually liked it much more this time. It is a bit laborious, true, there really is no NEED for an elaborate set piece at an airport, and during the course of the movie, Bond makes it past not just the usual host of bad guys and deathly stunts, he also survives a massive heart attack and some ingeniously painful torture. Still, it’s Bond. Daniel Craig gives the character just what he needs – he’s a cocky, blunt instrument with just enough style and brains to realize that the villains are smarter than he is. His character has not only an origin, but a genuine arc, and all of the violence in the film is painful and visceral, less glossy and sleek.

So three-cheese wheat and spinach tortellini with a cheesy marinara sauce, topped with diced chicken and James Bond. Not a bad Monday evening. Afterwards I continued editing my film until far too late in the evening, but that is a separate blog.


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