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Few Things Here and There

I’ve been reading and accumulating all sorts of things this week at work. Here are some things I’ve enjoyed*. Please note that they are on the lighter side. I’ve been following Health Care, Haiti, The Americanization of Mental Health, Hypotheses on China’s economic strength and growth over the next 10 years, and long-term sub-concussive head injuries in football players as well, but I think they have enough coverage. Mostly I’ve been reading fiction, but that’s it’s own thing. These things are all short.

*I saw the American Idol video of the 62 yr-old guy. Wasn’t that funny. Seemed a bit forced on the part of the show. That’s just me. But its out there too.


There's no escaping it. It's RIGHT THERE.

This is the poster for the movie I was a PA for back in October or November, I forget which. I’d thought the title was “The Alice in Wonderland Murders,” but this is better. As much better as anything connected to this movie can be. What a ridiculous poster. What a ridiculous movie. Good tagline, though.

2. CINEMA 2009:

I love this video. I found myself swept up in it. It captures the excitement and beauty and pure visual thrill of going to the movies. Films really are a thing to behold. I like things that remind me of that.


The more I think about “Fantastic Mr. Fox” the more I like it. My quibbles were minor at the time, and it really was a great movie for all ages. Vibrant and fun and funny and exciting, I was really impressed by how well-crafted the world was and how immediate the action felt. It didn’t cop out, there were real, sometimes harsh consequences for Mr. Fox’s actions.


The Man, The Myth, The Hair

I’ve been reading about this for the last week, nearly every day in the NY Times and CNN and IMDB. I’m very much on Conan’s side. I don’t despise Leno the way some seem to. He’s a very likable guy, he’s nice, and he can be funny (not that you’d know it from his new show). Yes, the biggest blame goes to NBC for allowing this sort of charade to happen. NBC’s executives should be ashamed of themselves for trying to squeeze out both hosts when their lineup simply isn’t working. But it is Leno’s fault, too. The graceful thing to do would have been to go out on top and not create a new show. He agreed that he’d hand over the show in 2009, that should have been it. Conan deserves time to build his show’s aesthetic and audience. He’s been doing his show in the least appealing possible circumstances, and finally he had enough (I really like his letter to the public, too). The right thing for Leno to do is to step aside. It’s time for him to go. Going back to 11:35pm– and worse, potentially going back to The Tonight Show itself– would smack of bad form and leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. It’s up to Leno, though.


It Has Come to This

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