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Kindred Spirits

It’s been over two weeks of non-bloggery and the trend will undoubtedly continue for a while. We’re prepping to film a 30-minute short film at the end of the month, and there’s just a lot to do. But! One awesome piece of news is that after posting an ad on Craig’s List, watching over 50 reels from cinematographers and interviewing 8 of them we really liked, we’ve got an amazing DP who will allow us to use two HD cameras and will also use his own stedicam for filming. So long uber-bouncy image! My main goal moving forward is to elevate the overall visual quality of my films – from cameras to lenses to lighting to movement –  and I’m getting very excited about how this one is going to look.

Point being: all of this and more is leaving me little time to blog lately (I haven’t even written my thoughts on Infinite Jest yet, and you know I’m all about that). Nonetheless, now that it’s been a year since making “Trailer: The Movie” and since I’m still in the process of re-writing the feature version, I’ve come across some clips of other people doing similar cinema, media satire, and wanted to share them. The Onion News Network, in particular, has raised the bar. This is the funniest thing in the world to me. They get the tone so spot on. Their actors look and sound the part, and their graphics and intros are shockingly accurate. I would kill to write for them. Take a look!

And then here is one I saw right before the Oscars. Also very funny. I hope these people succeed.


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