Funny Things

This weekend, I was on a midnight walkabout with some friends when one showed me a video from a show called “The Whitest Kids you Know,” one of those comedy sketch shows. I’d seen a few by them before but this one, called “Leg Peeing” (that’s right) was the funniest by far. The sketches are shot incredibly simply, but they’re totally hysterical. There’s a lot of sketch comedy shows these days. Pretty much everyone agrees that MadTV is an abomination. SNL is on the way back up, thanks in large part to their digital short films, even though they’re only occasionally funny otherwise. I know a lot of people like David Wain’s stuff, I find it uninspired. It’s a good time for comedy in general (too many recent great shows and movies to list them) and for sketch comedy too, and what I like about “The Whitest Kids You Know” is that it combines really strong scenarios with great dialogue (you know, that thing that’s missing from David Wain’s writing 80% of the time). Since I’m me, I had to look up the creators/stars of the show. Their website reinforces the well-established paradigm for comedic success: play with your friends. Trevor Moore (tall dude in all 3 videos), Sam Brown and Zach Cregger started it in NYC, they do live shows, the TV show (Season 3 is upcoming) and they’ve made a movie “Miss March” that looks only okay. Here’s a nice bit from Trevor’s bio:

At 19, Trevor signed a deal with a production company to write and produce The Trevor Moore Show (a weekly sketch comedy program) for some PAX-TV affiliates. Writing late night comedy for a family channel ended up being pretty tricky and after 11 months the show was cancelled due to offensive content.

Here are 3 examples of their awesomeness. Enjoy: 


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