The Library!!!

It’s hard to admit that I’ve lived in Kansas City for over two years now, and only yesterday did I go get a library card. For shame, Eaken, for shame. And let me tell you, a whole new world has opened up before my eyes. Books, Mr. Montag… books! And they just GIVE them to you! This is a real sign, I think, that you are a part of a community. Do you have a library card? It’s a big commitment. It says, I have a strong enough relationship to this place that I will ask to borrow items from it on a regular basis. You can’t do that with a place you’ve just met or only visit occasionally. It’s not right, and the libraries will reject you. 

For my inaugural check-out, I got 11 items (only 5 of which are books). I got a book of short stories by Rick Moody, one of my favorite authors, and his short stories are often very good and interesting. Some short story collections you feel like the author is stretching it, the idea doesn’t quite fit the cope of a short story. Moody’s are great. I also got 4 books about Christ, specifically about the history of the Bible. It’s very interesting, I got books from both major perspectives. I know where I stand, but I want to see the arguments in depth for the other side. And I want a more complete historical understanding. One of the best points I’ve read so far is that it is suspect to declare that the Bible was written only by God or only by Man, when the heart of Christianity is the combination of the two. 

Other than that, I am very pleased to report that the library not only has a great collection of music (I picked up a Beck album, a Ray Davies CD I’d heard good things about, and Grinderman), it has a FANTASTIC DVD selection. I stopped myself at 3, since they can only be checked out for one week: The Powell and Pressburger film “Black Narcissus,” Werner Herzog’s “Fitzcarraldo” and Bergman’s “Cries and Whispers.” 2 of the 3 are a part of the Criterion Collection, they have countless silent films, more Bergman, including his “God Trilogy” and many of his earlier films that I haven’t seen yet. I put my Netflix on hold a while back because I was far too busy. I miss it sometimes, I won’t lie, and now the library has given me the perfect balance. We are new best friends. Now if only there was a sexy librarian woman in my life.


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  1. 1 Marc Saint-Cyr December 2, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    Cries and Whispers is a great film, if a tad depressing. Another great Bergman that you might want to check out (especially before Christmas, as a good chunk of it takes place during a big family Christmas celebration) is Fanny and Alexander, one of my very favorite films.

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