The Aesthetics of Dreams 1

Well, you all asked for it, so here it is. FINALLY. A two-part excursion into the nighttime excursions (read: dreams) I had between October 24th and October 25th.


For about a year and a half I kept a catalog of all my dreams. I would wake up in the morning and immediately write them down for the next 10-20 minutes. My memory of dreams is startlingly good. During this period, my dreams began to evolve in two ways. They became increasingly 1) macabre and 2) driven by a narrative. My dreams grew longer and larger. They took on a story, with plot points and a payoff, and things spoken which were not always what they seemed. They involved deep double-crosses and often ended with death, and at least two times my own death. 3) Celebrity Guest Stars – my dreams were full of them. My guess is the Producers of my Dreams, those artless fat-cats, are throwing in celebrities in order to make my dreams more marketable to a mass audience; that is to say… me. There was the one where I was dating Samantha from “Sex and the City” (not the one I WANTED to date… or was it? And cue to portent-filled music (omen?). Or the time Benicio Del Toro was chased through a forest by the A-Team, even as I, myself, was being chased by the police after robbing a bank. Or, one of the earliest, the time when I came upon Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell in plush white cotton robes, sitting head to toe on a bed, at which point they told me Halle berry wanted me in the hottub.  Then-recent Academy Award winner Halle Berry seduced me and offered sex-in-a-hottub with her, which I turned down because I had a girlfriend. This logic, within the dream, is staggering, a point which Colin Farrell wasted no time in telling me later in the kitchen when I was looking for some food. 


It has long been my contention, and it still is, that the manner in which an individual dreams is as unique as that individuals specific canon of dreams. That manner may change or combine with other dream-styles. I was shocked to find my dreams becoming more, in a sense, written, while maintaining their surrealistic and expressionistic elements. Basically every -ism I know is presented in my dreams. Impressionism is a big hit when it comes to people I know and love. There are, of course, many dream dictionaries and charts and some useful books (unread by me at this point), and one major element for many dreamers is COLORS which appear in the dream. This fascinated me, because colors are almost never a part of my dreams. I do not remember the colors, I remember the story. This is not to say that I dream in black and white, although I DO dream in widescreen usually, and there are cuts, which suggests a)editing b)multiple camera angles c)CAMERAS!!! d)dream as record of self, ie – recorded (and later written down often). This is not exclusive to me, either.


But back to color. Last night, I had 2 dreams, 1 of which involved 2 ex-girlfriends, a friend of an ex-girlfriend (a third ex-girlfriend, who was absent from the dream), and a friend of mine, who happened to date that friend of the missing ex-girlfriend for a time. I was supposed to spend the day with one ex-girlfriend, but she got mad at me and left as another one appeared, bringing along the other two people. I asked if they would let me join them, I had food and drink provided here in this handy set of pure BLUE coolers. We carried them, climbed under a bridge of some sort, and that was it. The color blue, according to one interpretation, means: spirituality, art, culture, philosophy. (Another color guide suggests that blue means inner peace and contentment. This guide obviously does not know me.) The blue was neither light nor dark, so those more specific interpretations do not apply. Am I carrying my art, culture and spirituality with me, am I asking others to carry it? When one rejects it, need I simply move on to another, who WILL help me carry it. Also the notion that other persons in life are not simply romantic interests, but also friends, even friends-of-friends. If the coolers are me, and if there were 4 of them (one for each person) and there are 4 categories that BLUE means, then is it suggesting that each cooler is a separate idea, or are the ideas mixed in with each other? Turn it positive, perhaps it is saying that there are many different interpersonal relationships that help carry us through life, not simply the romantic. I have not even touched on the bridge, or the idea of “life as a picnic,” and nor do they seem integral to the dream.


(And now you see the manor in which I begin to break down my dreams.) 

Stay tuned for Part 2, in which I address the far less hopeful 2nd dream


1 Response to “The Aesthetics of Dreams 1”

  1. 1 Eric Carter October 27, 2008 at 1:57 am

    Wow sounds like quite the wonderland.

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