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And Now For Something Totally Different!

Enough politics, insurance whining and dead-writer talk. This blog has started off on the wrong foot, the foot of world-awareness and a general interest in the goings on of others. Ugh, no thank you. It occurred to me this morning, I shouldn’t be writing about any of these subjects, I shouldn’t even be thinking about them. They’re such important, downer issues, so today we’re lightening the mood with two new subjects: world hunger and cancer.

I’ve got two videos here for your perusal, and to be honest, I wasn’t looking for anything about either important subject. I stumbled upon them by looking up Ricky Gervais and Larry David on YouTube. And wouldn’t you know it, but both men have funny videos about serious subjects. These are comedians who deal in, shall we say, less general comedy. Ricky Gervais is hands down, the king of awkward-comedy, while Larry David’s chosen avenue is misanthropic selfishness. Notice, it is not philanthropic, but misanthropic. These are two of my favorite cups of comedy tea, and news flash: I’m a heavy drinker (of comedy). So, if these guys want to actually use their celebrity for a cause, they’re caught in a bind, because the old style of going on a PBS telethon would be useless. Their audience would not be swayed by such a move, because their audience has formed as a result of their style. It would seem like a sell-out. Which means they would be using their celebrity to talk to people who aren’t aware they are celebrities.

Instead, they’ve both made short, hilarious videos, which combine their humor, their style, with helping people out. And I have to hand it to Mr. Internet on this one, because this really couldn’t have been done without it. The internet, and YouTube-type sites specifically, are the perfect medium for these types of charity organizations to get the word out. Art + Charity = Win/Win

For the record, Ricky’s video was part of Comic Relief and Larry’s was a part of SU2C

Ricky Gervias

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