Topeka. Ramada. The End of Reason.

This hotel sucks, for the record. List of wrong-doings: 1) Room Service: BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger should’ve been described as “containing a faint hint of BBQ” as evidinced by the tiny speckle of it on the bun. 2) Ice Machine broken, here on the 11th floor. Seek ice elsewhere. 3) Vending machine eats 2 bucks, hotel won’t put it back on bill, asks me to walk all the way down to guest services to collect 2 $1 bills (too much pride keeps me in my room). 4) Worst offense – This hotel is in TOPEKA. As the Russians say: If given choice between large whack in face-brain with baseball bat or make livings in Topeka, make sure baseball bat is wooden, not metal, or else deaths inevitable. What it does do, though, is make me really appreciate Kansas City. KC has its problems, but man this Topeka is for the birds – I can’t even explain how depressing it is. Everything is worse in Topeka.

I am here working claims, Topeka got hit particularly hard with, wouldn’t you know, baseball- sized hail. 6 roofs a day. 6 estimates. 6 groups of pictures. 6 business cards. 6 customers. 6 redbulls this morning because I got barely over half of 6 hours of sleep last night. FYI – Working claims=getting on roof, inspecting for hail damage, sketching the roof, writing it all down in nifty computer programs and filing it so someone back in the office can pay it. After 3 days and 18 claims (3×6=18…fun with simple math) I have paid all 18 claims, and my 18th claim, which included giving the family all new aluminum siding, cost a total of $18,000.00

Am I on some numbers kick, what is this?

Maybe so. From Monday, September 22nd through Monday, October 27th, I have the possibility of at most 2 days I will not be working. Yes, I will be well compensated. Yes, I will get paid overtime. Yes, I will be working in Texas with people who have REALLY lost something. Yes, I am sortof looking forward to it. Finally: No, I do not plan on going insane. I leave on the 5th of October. Driving to Texas. I’ve got new CDs from Amazon to keep me company, and I am saving up podcasts from now till I leave, so I’ll have listening material. On the way back I plan to go through Austin, I hear it’s pretty cool. Also, I may take my beautiful big computer down with me for podcasting/blogging/writing/ film editing purposes. More on this decision once it’s made…


1 Response to “Topeka. Ramada. The End of Reason.”

  1. 1 j-dawg September 25, 2008 at 11:40 pm


    you write very well. keep ’em coming. and i am sorry about kansas. ya know what state never gets hail?

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